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850.British Commonwealth


133.Australian Commonwealth - Kangaroo Issues

200.Australian Commonwealth

804.Great Britain

291.Australian Coins

189.Australian Commonwealth

833.British Commonwealth

British Guiana.

276.Australian Coins

951.World Wide


154.Australian Commonwealth - KGV Head Issues

82.Australian States Postal History and Stationery

111.Australian Commonwealth - Kangaroo Issues

874.World Wide


464.Australian Coins

548.Australian Banknotes

667.First Airmail Flights


225.Australian Commonwealth

6.Australian States.

169.Australian Commonwealth - KGV Head Issues

898.World Wide



837.British Commonwealth

Nova Scotia.

777.Pacific Islands

10.Australian States.

995.World Wide

San Marino.

277.Australian Coins.

109.Australian Commonwealth - Kangaroo Issues

832.British Commonwealth

British Guiana.

746.Papua New Guinea

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Lot Nos 1 - 275.

Australian States, Australian States Postal History, Kangaroo, KGV Head, Australian Commonwealth
Pre-Decimal, Australian Decimal and
Face Value sections.


Saturday 17th December, 2016 at
9.00am SA and NT
9.30am NSW, VIC and TAS
8.30am QLD
6.30am WA


Lot Nos 276- 559.

Coins and PNC’s, Tokens and
Medallions and Banknotes sections.


Saturday 17th December, 2016 at
2.00pm SA and NT
2.30pm NSW, VIC and TAS
1.30pm QLD
11.30am WA




Lot Nos 560 - 801.

Cigarette Cards, Miscellaneous items, Cinderellas,   Postcards, Postal History, FDC’s, Australian Territories, Papua New Guinea, Pacific Islands and   New Zealand sections.
Saturday 17th December, 2016 at
7.00pm SA and NT
7.30pm NSW, VIC and TAS
6.30pm QLD
4.30pm WA




Lot Nos 802 - 1,036.

Great Britain, British Commonwealth,                   British Commonwealth Collections and                World Wide Sections

Sunday 18th December, 2016 at
10.00am SA
10.30am NSW, VIC and TAS
9.30am QLD
7.30am WA


Lot Nos 1,037 - 1,159.

World Collection and Accumulation and
Australian Collection and Accumulation Sections.

Sunday 18th December, 2016 at
2.00pm SA
2.30pm NSW, VIC and TAS
1.30pm QLD
11.30am WA

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Inter-post Auction No. 144 features a wide range of Australian and Foreign stamps, including South Australian squared circle and Commonwealth Type postmarks, a good range of Australian Kangaroo, KGV and Pre-Decimal issues, 2016 30c Adelaide Emergency Print stamps, Prime British Commonwealth material, Inverted centre errors, European sets and collections, a good range of Gold and Silver coins including numerous Gold Sovereigns, Australian Banknotes, Cigarette Cards, Postcards and much more.

Philatelics (Australia) Pty. Ltd............

Adelaide's Largest Coin, Banknote and Stamp Auctions

Important Information

Postal and Email Bids Close Friday, 16th December, 2016

Interbid internet auction sessions
to be conducted
on 17th and 18th December, 2016

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